Frequently Ass'd Questions

Q: What are the Ass Awards?
A: The Ass Awards are an easy way to show the ass in your life that you REALLY care.  We document your ass for the world to see on the Hall of Fame, then mail out a certificate so your ass can frame it and mount it next to his/hers masters degree.

Q: Is your online payment secure?
A: You bet your ass it is. We use services by Paypal.

Q: How can you guarantee the authenticity of my award?
A: Its true, people are making phony awards. An authentic award has raised seal, and is backed by our Hall of Fame.

Q: What do the awards look like?
A: Like this:   Your award is 8.5 X 11 and made with niceass materials.

Q: Im terribly insulted! How do I get my name removed from this site?
A: We understand. To remove your name, please copy your name, award, date, and who nominated you, and send us an email to: remove@officialassawards.com. Well have you name taken off ASAP, but you're still an ass.

Q: Do you participate on Social Media? 
A: You bet your ass we do!   MySpace, Facebook, & Twitter.

Q: Why did you make this site?
A: Because we found no other way to honor the firm assets to society with the recognition they deserve.

Q: How do I get my picture on the Hall of Fame?
A: We'll add a picture when we feel like it.

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